Social Entrepreneurship Projects

Blue heart international organisation's clean water social entrepreneurship project and other ongoing projects are envisioned to make a lasting social impact while creating self sustaining organization operations. This will be achieved by creating instructional programs for Kenyan that teach the poor how to grow their own food with these novel projects so that they can take care of themselves in this pandemic crisis of Covid-19 and help them in long run when economy is fully operational.

We can no longer afford to spend scarce funds on things that simply feel good. Instead we need to support initiatives that do real good, and that have the potential to generate large-scale and lasting solutions to help society whilst at the same time generating funds for self sustain organization operations that can achieve its goal and objectives.


Needy Children & Families Drinking Water Project

Every child has a right to clean drinking water!


Producing Sanitiser Project

We are producing sanitisers and distributing them at no cost to help fight covid-19.


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