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Here are some of Blueheart's activities as captured by Kenyan media

Human trafficking probe:

 CS on the spot as Pakistanis Kept in safe house.

A magistrate ordered that that eight pakistani girls that were flown into the country in potential human trafficking as cultural dancers to be kept in Blueheart's safe house.

Story by Richard Munguti, The Daily Nation.


Corona Virus Prevention and Awareness

Blue Heart launched a corona virus prevention and awareness project on 25th march 2020 at Garden Grove Along Mt Kenya Road Nyali the initiative is giving free hand sanitizers, awareness materials on corona virus and a community kitchen based at the same residence which is giving needy children food ration within Mombasa

Echesa's Girls

Eight Pakistani women linked to CS Echesa deported

The eight Pakistani women, who were flown into the country through the assistance of Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa, have been deported. Highcourt Advocate Mr. Ondieki prevailed upon the court to release the girls to Mr Nadeem Khan, of BlueHeart.

Story by Richard Munguti, The Daily Nation.
Saturday January 5 2019

Indian Only club

Exclusive clubs where young Indian women entertain wealthy revellers

On the fourth floor of Diamond Plaza in Nairobi’s Parklands area is an exclusive club. Entry here is by invite-only and the only ‘blacks’ allowed being waiters and cleaners. Nadeem Khan of Blue Heart International, an organisation that fights against human trafficking and child labour, says that lack of differentiation against legal and illicit employment is pushing trafficking up in Kenya.

Story by Jeckonia Otieno,
The Standard 11th Aug 2019

Team Fisi and
12 Nepalese women

Meet the 12 Nepalese women that were giving ‘Mafisi’ sleepless nights in Mombasa.

Echesa Risks
ICC Procecution

CS Echesa Risks ICC Procecution Over Human Trafficking

Sports CS Rashid Echesa may find himself in more trouble as he risks being indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) over human trafficking. According to city lawyer Donald Kipkorir, Human Trafficking & Enslavement are international crimes under Article 7 of the Rome Statute.

5 January 2019,

In the Media

8 Pakistani girls want Ksh 9.1 million as compensation for wrongful deportation. 


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